By Beth Habacker

An incredible opportunity arose for Buford artist Donna Biggee earlier this month when one of her paintings was selected to be given to Governor Nathan Deal. Governor Deal and his wife, Sandra, have always been big supporters of the arts and every six months they select artists from twenty counties in Georgia through the Georgia Council of the Arts to come to the Capitol with a piece that will be displayed in the building.

Donna was very excited and honored to have been selected. The painting that was given to Governor Deal was an oil painting titled “The Dance.” It was inspired by a childhood memory where Donna would race leaves down a stream with her brother. Donna stated that Governor Deal was very interested in her art, and spoke with her about her techniques as well as the painting itself. Donna said that she enjoyed her time at the Capitol and her talk with Governor Deal. The security also loved seeing her painting, and they held it up to show everyone while she was checking into the building. Donna received a postcard in the mail from Governor Deal and Sandra expressing their gratitude for her painting.

When asked how long she had been painting, Biggee said, “My mother would say since I was about four, so really my whole life.” She really picked up painting after her children went off to college. You can find Biggee, her bright spirit, and her beautiful paintings in her studio at the Tannery Row Artist Colony where she brings some of her favorite memories to life in the form of art.

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