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A teenager visiting the Buford area from out of town reported being the victim of unwanted sexual contact from a massage store employee. 

On July 17, an officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department responded to the Mall of Georgia, where the officer met with a teen and her father who had been shopping for school clothes. The teen told police they entered Total Health Massage, where they were encouraged to use separate rooms for massages and she assumed she would receive a massage from a female employee. Instead, a male employee insisted. 

The teen reported that during the massage, while she was on a telephone call, the male employee asked her age and she was uncomfortable with the situation. The massage began to escalate when the employee touched the teen’s buttocks. The teen told police the employee then started to massage her arm before taking her hand and placing it on his genitals. Upon moving her hand away, the teen reported the employee tried to comfort her, saying, “Shhhh, it’s OK.” The teen then asked the employee to stop and got dressed. When offered water by the employee and a second male employee as well, the teen refused but was brought some water anyway, which she refused to drink. oypra.com

The teen told her father about the incident when they returned to their hotel. 

The teen described the massage store employee as an Asian male, approximately 5’2”, 160 pounds with short brown/black hair and a distinctive limp. 

Fast-food restaurant employee accused of sexual battery 

A female employee at a Buford Taco Bell reported to police that she was touched inappropriately by a male employee. 

An officer with the Gwinnett County Police Department met with the complainant July 25 at the restaurant, where she told the officer she was working the drive-through and bent over to retrieve hot sauce from a bin when the male employee grabbed her buttocks.  

The female employee notified management and the male employee was fired. The complainant asked that the incident be documented, but no charges were pursued at that time. 

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