By:Katiee  McKinstry

The rain did not stop the citizens of Sugar Hill from coming to celebrate Sugar Rush on October 20, 2018. Sugar Rush is an annual festival put on by the City of Sugar Hill on the third Saturday each October. Residents from all around Gwinnett County come and celebrate the culture that is Sugar Hill. Businesses from the community join together to highlight everything that goes on in Sugar Hill and surrounding areas.

The City kept everything under tents, and displayed the art show under the parking deck to make sure everything was safe – even though there was only a slight drizzle. The Sugar Hill Arts Commission’s juried art show featured artwork from over 50 local artists. Devin Clay, a blacksmith, did live demonstrations during the event.



Numerous businesses lined up their booths for people to peruse; there were food trucks, live music, activities, art, and arcade games at that. Other free activities included painting door hangers, arts and crafts,  a gif booth inflatables, outstanding exhibitions from All Stars Performing Arts Academy.


“I bring my kids here every year,” Sugar Hill resident Kira Alcoser said. Alcoser had her two sons with her, and they were running up and down the closed road, experiencing everything Sugar Rush had to offer. “It’s really contained, so we can let the kids play and have fun,” added Alcoser.

With the expansion of downtown Sugar Hill, outside of City Hall was the perfect place to host Sugar Rush. “I enjoyed just walking around and experiencing everything,” Sugar Hill resident Mac McKinstry exclaimed.

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    • Craig McPearson -

    • November 7, 2018 at 23:08 pm

    Very informative! I will definitely be attending next year.

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