By Nida Merchant

SH Players Guild
The Broadway-inspired play stars Harry (Joe McLaughlin), Edith (Karin Goss), Kate (Allyssa Brooke) and Charlie (Michael Crocker). Photo courtesy of the SH Players Guild.

The Players Guild at Sugar Hill proudly presented their latest play, “Never Too Late.” The Broadway-inspired play was directed by Alan Hyma and is originally written by Sumner Arthur Long in 1962.

The Broadway sensation stars a man in his middle years who finds out his wife Edith (Karin Goss), is expecting a child. Confused and frustrated, Harry (Joe McLaughlin) is not at all excited to hear this news, especially after the disaster of a husband his daughter marries. Kate (Allyssa Brooke) and Charlie (Michael Crocker) do not have a care in the world until their mother announces her pregnancy and everyone is soon riddled with problems of their own. But the birth of a new child does not startle Harry as much as the social humiliation, the expensive house renovations or Edith’s fascination with her own checking account. “Never Too Late” is a hilarious reminder that life is a never-ending series of changes that calls for a great adventure!

The entertaining show is a fun twist on an everyday American family from the 60s with plenty of entertainment and laughs for the whole family. Their overall message is to show that change is inevitable but relies deeply on the reactions of the people involved.

“Never Too Late” is the final show of the Players Guild’s inaugural season in the Sugar Hill Eagle Theatre. They have announced their sixth season to be as fantastic and entertaining as this one with hits such as “Calendar Girls,” “Up, Up & Away” and “Dilemmas with Dinner.” 

As the Players Guild closed the curtains on their final show, they look forward to seeing their dedicated audience next year for yet another exciting season.

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