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On Wednesday morning, April 3, 2019, a North Carolina man prompts an assault call in southern Hall County and then robs a convenience store.  He is later arrested after a brief chase.

Hall County Sheriff deputies responded to a call about an assault that took place on Sherwin Parkway off of GA 13/Atlanta Highway in southern Hall County at approximately 5:44 a.m. While the deputies were en route to the assault call, Hall County 9-1-1 dispatch notified the deputies that the male suspect involved in the assault had left the original scene off of Sherwin Parkway.  The suspect went to the QuikTrip located at the corner of GA 347/Friendship Road and Atlanta Highway where he went through the cash register.

The suspect fled from the QuikTrip in an Acura MDX at a high rate of speed and was traveling along Friendship Road towards I-985.  A bystander followed the suspect’s vehicle and saw it go behind a building on B.U. Bowman Drive.

Hall County Sheriff deputies responded quickly to the location off of B.U. Bowman Drive. They located the suspect and ordered him to stop. The suspect, still in his SUV refused to obey orders and instead sped around the deputies.  His vehicle was later disabled near Bristol Industrial Way after he hit the concrete median on Friendship Road.

Map of S. Hall robbery 4-3-19

The suspect refused to exit his vehicle after deputies from Hall County and Flowery Branch Police officers approached him.  He resisted arrest but was ultimately taken into custody and transported to the Hall County Jail. The suspect has been identified as Demontae Cortez Lassiter, 29, of Durham, North Carolina.

According to the preliminary investigation, Lassiter committed a robbery while he was at the QuikTrip. Initial information indicates no weapons were involved in the robbery or original assault, and injuries were minor.

Lassiter will face charges including two counts of battery, robbery, three counts of obstruction and fleeing to elude.

The case remains under investigation by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

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    • Angela Ford -

    • February 10, 2020 at 10:50 am

    DeMontae has family that supports him and love him. The lack of help to be able to support him better is very concerning. There’s more to this 1 sided story.

    • Angela Ford -

    • March 12, 2020 at 17:20 pm

    Mentally Ill Man Among Two Longest Held Inmates in Hall County, Ga. Jail Without Trial
    Jail Also Unable to Properly Treat DeMontae Lassiter for Severe Mental Illness

    GAINESVILLE, Ga. (March 12, 2020) — For nearly a year, my mentally ill nephew, DeMontae Lassiter, has languished in the Hall County, Ga. Jail without bond. It continues to appall me that in the greatest nation on earth, DeMontae is locked behind bars instead of being in a medical facility receiving desperately needed treatment.

    It also saddens me to know that across our nation there are tens of thousands of people just like DeMontae stuck in jails and prisons for no other reason than mental illness. People who, like DeMontae, come from a good family which loves and supports him, especially during his mental health crisis.

    DeMontae grew up in a single-parent household led by his mother, Carolyn, and buttressed with support from a dedicated grandmother, uncles and aunts. He was instilled with Christian values and the importance of education. In 2016, DeMontae, along with his cousin, founded the non-profit Boys Groomed to Men (BGM) to teach leadership skills to Black boys.

    A star athlete throughout his youth, DeMontae participated in sports such as baseball, softball, basketball and football. In fact, his athletic prowess often landed him in his hometown North Carolina newspaper. He graduated Northampton High School with honors and later attended North Carolina A&T State University. Ironically, he earned a degree May 2012 in social work from A&T, fully expecting to use it to help others.

    Everyone should be outraged at the fact that currently the two longest held inmates in Hall County Jail, including DeMontae, suffer from mental illness. It shocks the conscience because there are three federal laws (Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008; Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010; and 21st Century Cures Act of 2016) specifically designed to prevent this injustice. Despite this fact, there continues to be a gap in coverage in medical/surgical/primary/mental health care throughout the United States.

    In my opinion, this glaring disparity disproportionately impacting Blacks and Hispanics directly correlates to suicide being the second leading of cause of death for 10 to 35-year-olds, according to the CDC. This statistic worries our family tremendously because we know DeMontae could easily become a life lost due to his mental illness and lack of proper care while jailed.

    It’s worth noting again that DeMontae’s true crime is being a person afflicted at the age of 24 with a severe mental illness. His lack of appropriate mental health treatment while jailed continues to prevent him from fully understanding the actions which led to his confinement. Simply put, the Hall County Jail is not equipped to properly treat an illness fairly new to him. We must do better.

    Angela Ford, MA, MIS
    The writer served for more than 20 years in Human Services/Mental Health/Substance Abuse/ Developmental Disability field of services.

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