BMS Hagelthorn
Teresa Hagelthorn has been selected as the new BHS Principal starting April 1, 2020. Photo – Buford City Schools

BUFORD — Buford City Schools announced on Monday that a new principal was hired for Buford High School.  The school system decided to promote from within Buford City Schools to fill the vacant principal position at the high school.  The Board selected current Buford Middle School principal Teresa Hagelthorn to lead Buford High School starting April 1, 2020.

Hagelthorn is a Buford native and a graduate of    the University of Georgia where she earned a  degree in mathematics education.  She has  extensive experience in a wide range of situations that will aid her in her new role at BHS. According  to a statement sent out by BCS, Hagelthorn has “cheerleading, basketball, cross country, and track and served as a hearing officer on disciplinary panels.”  She has also served in administrative roles at Buford Academy, Buford Middle School, and Buford High School.

“It is an absolute honor to welcome Ms. Hagelthorn to Buford High School. In a pool of highly qualified candidates, she rose to the top and we are confident in her abilities and the skillset that she will bring to BHS,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Downs.  “The experience she has gleaned from the younger grades provides a foundational understanding of the high school students with which she will be working.” 

BHS Interim Principal Scott Chafin will return to his role as Assistant Principal at Buford Academy. Photo – Buford City Schools

    BHS Interim Principal Scott Chafin did a tremendous job        for BCS and he will be returning to his normal position of      Assistant Principal at Buford Academy.  Superintendent          Dr. Robert Downs said, “I would be remiss if I did not take      an opportunity to publicly thank Mr. Chafin for his                  dedication and service to Buford High School. He is a              consummate leader and advocate for children. The                  Academy has felt his absence and is looking forward to          having his leadership back in their school.”

Current BMS Assistant Principal Laura Beth Short will transition to the Principal at BMS. Photo – Buford City Schools

   In order to take the BHS Principal             position, Hagelthorn will have to             vacate her current role as the                  Principal of Buford Middle School.          BMS Assistant Principal Laura Beth Short will be promoted to be the Principal at the middle school. Short has been an assistant principal    at BMS for the past five years and has spent the last    13 years in administration roles. Short was an  assistant principal at North Gwinnett High School before making her transition to Buford City Schools.  While at NGHS, Short served as the

Testing Coordinator.

“Mrs. Short’s depth of knowledge in curriculum and testing will lead the BMS students to be even more prepared for high school,” Buford City Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Downs said.  “We know the BMS family will continue to thrive under her leadership and will be excited about this announcement.” 

BHS Assistant Principal has been selected to fill a new Associate Principal position at BHS. Photo – Buford City Schools

    One more administrator was announced during        this release and that announcement was that the      School Board elected to create a new Associate          Principal position for the high school.  That                position will be filled by Keith Johnson, a current      Assistant Principal at BHS.

    Like Hagelthorn, Short and Johnson will assume        their new roles on April 1, 2020.

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