The City of Buford and it’s citizens will have an opportunity to cast their ballots on November 5 for two city school board seats that are up for election. 

The first of two seats, previously held by Beth Lancaster, has two candidates running for the seat, with Lancaster deciding not to seek re-election due to work obligations. 

Matt Peevy
Matt Peevy is a Buford alumnus and UGA graduate running for the 2019 Buford Board of Education. Photo – Matt Peevy. 

Matt Peevy, a Buford City School alumnus and UGA grad, spoke with the North Gwinnett Voice about his family, and the continued growth he sees in the community that he is ready to help with. With his daughter currently in the school system, he is motivated to continue the spirit of excellence within the system’s teachers, and students. Peevy is also looking to expand the budget to keep up with the growth of the schools, as well as, maintain infrastructure and maintenance of the buildings. He wishes for current Buford students to have the same experience he had when he attended.

Lien Diaz
Lien Diaz is a 14 year resident of Buford and currently the Director of Educational Innovation and Leadership at Georgia Tech. Photo – Lien Diaz

His opponent, Lien Diaz, is a 14 year resident of Buford, with four children in the school system. She is currently the Director of Educational Innovation and Leadership at Georgia Tech. According to her website, she is running for equality and respect for both students and teachers. She couldn’t be reached for comment. 

The other seat, currently held by lifelong Buford resident Daren Perkins, is also up for election. 

Daren Perkins
Daren Perkins is seeking reelection after 15 years of service on the Buford Board of Education. Photo – Daren Perkins

Perkins, seeking re-election to his 15th year of service, believes his experience is key to continue the growth and enrichment of the students in the community. On the Buford City School System’s website, it states that he enjoys the long-standing traditions of our community, and believes staying on the “forefront of the ever-changing educational climate” is vital to maintaining growth in the school system.  

Running against him is Melissa Ferris-Ozkan, an occupational therapist with four children, two of whom are currently in the Buford City School System. Ozkan spoke with NGV about her passion for a diverse community, as well as, within the leadership of the school board. “If you are representing the community, serving everyone in the community is important.” Ozkan added, “Regardless of their background. Everyone deserves a voice.” An advocate for special education and anti-bullying, Ozkan stated she would like to be hands-on in the growth of our students. (Photo unavailable for Ferris-Ozkan.)

The Buford Board of Education elections are being held from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on November 5, 2019 at Buford City Hall located at 2300 Buford Highway in Buford.  Voters must be registered with the State of Georgia to vote.

– Joseph Parks

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