Candice Sossa
Mill Creek senior Candice Sossa interviews the likes of Ambassador Andrew Young to learn tips for being a successful adult for her book “From Teen to Titan”.  Photo – Laurie Sossa

One local senior is learning what success looks like from some of the world’s best, first hand.  Candice Sossa, a senior at Mill Creek High School in Hoschton is working on her first book titled, “From Teen to Titan”. In writing this book which is about successful people’s journies in life, their lessons learned, and tips on how they achieved success; she has interviewed several “titans” or high achieving individuals.

Her motivation to write this book is that she wants to have a good foundation as a teen to achieve her goals in life. Interviewing people who have achieved so much in life gives Candice the insight and knowledge to help her build a firm foundation necessary to be a successful adult.  She then decided to share her newfound knowledge with others so that they too may become successful in life.

Candice has already found success in terms of being a high achieving student and she recently found out that she was accepted into the college of her dreams, Stanford University.  Her mother Laurie Sossa says, “Candice applied to Stanford University under restrictive early action and has been admitted to Stanford University Class of 2024!” 

Candice is part of an elite group of applicants that have been accepted to attend the prestigious Stanford University. Candice is seen here touring the Stanford, Calif. Photo – Laurie Sossa

Stanford University is an “Ivy League” school that only the best of the best get admitted into its prestigious halls. Only 5% of those who apply to the school get accepted. To put that into perspective, Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate is 26% and the University of Georgia’s acceptance rate is 54%.  Stanford can boast of having 13 “Nobel Laureates” or Nobel Prize winners along with 17 astronauts, numerous members of Congress, and 30 living billionaires listed among their alumni. 

According to her mother, “Candice will major in Management Science and Engineering with a focus on Finance as she wants to be an investment banker.”

No doubt Candice will achieve her dreams with the firm foundation she has built herself by learning from her mentors.  Congratulations Candice! We all look forward to following your journey to success.

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— By Alicia Couch Payne

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