It takes a lot of hard work for educators to bridge the gap to truly connect with high school students these days. Lanier High’s Bobby Gueh efforts to do just that haven’t gone unnoticed. This school year’s pattern of excellence for LHS continues with the recent naming of counselor Bobby Gueh as the Gwinnett County Public Schools High School Counselor of the Year for 2018! His entire department was also recognized along with him for their outstanding service.

When asked what sets the LHS counselors apart from other schools in the county, Mr. Gueh replied that it has to be their commitment to “growth, passion, and service as a GPS to help students learn, lead, and succeed.” He feels strongly about the members of his department being life-long learners and sets a stellar example by striving to “constantly be growing and open to improvements.” What keeps them going is their true passion and commitment to their work of supporting their students.

Mr. Gueh further explained that it is their “responsibility to be servant leaders in providing valuable service for ALL students and their families.” He also noted that they absolutely have fun working together and that it makes a “big difference coming to work every day knowing you are working with a family of people committed to helping our students reach their greatest potential.” It’s evident that the department truly works in partnership with the community and that the counselors enjoy each and every day despite the challenges!

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