Meet Kyah Barcourt

Meet Kyah Barcourt, an 8th grader at Buford Middle School.  Kyah moved to Buford from New York in 2008 with her parents, Levi and Gina and her older brothers, Katriel and Kannan.  Kyah is known at BMS for her positive disposition and leadership abilities. She is a highly active student at the middle school.

Kyah has been on the yearbook staff since her sixth-grade year.  Over the course of those three years, Kyah has grown into a wonderful young woman who demonstrates her leadership skills regularly. “Kyah has a natural leadership quality that shines,” shared Mrs. Nabors, Kyah’s yearbook advisor for the past three years. “She has the respect of many of our younger staff members and has taken on several leadership responsibilities with our book.”

In addition to the yearbook, she is in FBLA, Student Leadership Council, and participates in the BMS choral program. Kyah works with 6th-grade students who need tutoring and helps teachers who need an extra hand as part of her duties on the Student Leadership Council.  

In 2015, Kyah’s dad began searching for another after-school activity to occupy Kyah and found the Actor’s Scene on Commerce Drive in Buford.  Kyah absolutely loves acting and has scored some small parts in film and tv so far. You can catch Kyah performing in Buford Middle School’s choral production of “The Little Mermaid Jr.” as Ursula on March 28th at the Fine Arts Center.  Mrs. Drake her chorus teacher said that some of Kyah’s stand out qualities are how “Kyah advocates for herself in a positive way and that she asks for help.”

Being involved in all these activities requires excellent time management skills. Kyah has to meet the obligations of her extracurricular activities, while still ensuring she is focused on her academic classes. This doesn’t appear to be an obstacle for Kyah. Mrs. Webster observed that Kyah “makes sure work gets turned in even if she misses class for another activity.” Mrs. Kingsley, Kyah’s language arts teacher, has also noticed her dedication to academic classes commenting on how hard she works.

One of Kyah’s favorite teachers is Mrs. Lecoeuvre, the business education teacher at BMS. Kyah states that Mrs. Lecoeuvre is easy to talk to and gives excellent advice. She feels like she can go to Mrs. Lecoeuvre and discuss anything.  Kyah also says that Mrs. Lecoeuvre is an easy going teacher who teaches her students lessons that they will use in the real world.

Kyah is known around the school for her willingness to help others and her sunny disposition. Mrs. Reed, the principal at Buford Middle School, said that every time she sees Kyah throughout the school, Kyah “is always smiling.” Kyah’s love for helping other students succeed is what makes Kyah a stand out leader among her peers.  Mrs. Nabors said, “I love how she is dedicated to being a part of something greater than just the individual.”

Being a Wolf means many things and Kyah exhibits those many qualities.  Those qualities include being kind, helping others, a high drive for excellence in all areas of one’s life, and being a leader and role model among one’s peers.  Kyah’s teachers and peers will agree that Kyah has all of those qualities and then some. Kyah is a Wolf through and through.

Co-written by Alicia Couch Payne and Susan Nabors


Alicia joined the North Gwinnett Voice, as the Editor, shortly after the first publication. She is a homegrown Buford native, with the southern charm and "bless your heart" included. ...

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    • GeeRenee -

    • April 30, 2019 at 22:06 pm

    Congratulations Kyah!!!! continue to work hard and remain committed while in Buford High School.

  1. Way to go, Kyah! We’re all a proud of you. Stay focused and keep going.

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