Chloe Bonds, a Buford High School senior, is what is called a “Buford lifetimer”, or a student who has attended Buford City Schools for their entire K-12 career. Chloe has had a highly successful career at that, both in academics and performing arts. She credits having a firm foundation, namely her supportive parents Jason and Nikki Bonds, as being the key to her achievements.

From the time she was in kindergarten until her junior year, Chloe participated in chorus. When she reached the middle school, she joined Junior Thespians, an organization that promotes theatre arts to young students. “I decided to participate in BHS Theatre because of the fact that I have a passion for being on stage and telling someone else’s story to a packed theater,” Chloe explained. “I love to sing and I figured that musical theatre was the best place to live out that love.”

Her older sister, Laurel, also helped develop her love of theatre. While Chloe was a freshman, Laurel was in her senior year and performed in the BHS troupe alongside her sister, mentoring her and offering advice along the way.

This year, Chloe was a key figure in the cast of Company, which went on to win the One Act Play State Championship. For her role as Joanne, Chloe received a Shuler Hensley Award (the Georgia High School Musical Theatre equivalent of a Tony Award) Nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. As the broadcast was streamed live, the musical theatre class erupted into cheers as Chloe’s name was called. In addition to these accomplishments, Chloe was also named the GHSA State Literary Champion for Dramatic Oral Interpretation.

“Chloe is a fine singer and performer,” said Dr. Chris Fowler, the Fine Arts Coordinator at Buford High School. “We are blessed to have her as a part of our department.”

When it comes to academics, Chloe is in the top ten for the Class of 2019. Though she has worked a part-time job since she was fifteen years old, she has still managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA. In the fall, she will be attending the University of Georgia in Athens.

A teacher that made a lasting impression on Chloe is Mr. Dale Tyson. Although she only had him for one semester of biology during her freshman year, Chloe says that they continue to have a strong bond to this day. Tyson has a way of making class fun, however, it’s the connections he has with his students that made the biggest difference to Chloe. She still talks with him regularly and when asked for an example of Tyson’s advice, lets out a laugh. “When I think about his advice, in my head, I hear his foreign accent.”

Above all, Chloe is a leader among her peers and always has a smile for everyone she encounters. She is a hardworking student and performer that believes in giving her all in everything she pursues. Chloe Bonds is an example of the positive impact that being raised within the “pack” can do; she is the pinnacle of a true Wolf.

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