By Amy Davis

BHS Drumline 2019
Pictured front to back: Cale Majors (snare drummer), Gage Martin (tenor drummer), and Griffin Stewart (bass drummer) perform for judges at the GIPA Championships in Marietta, GA. Photo credit: Cathy Moore

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the Buford High School Drumline traveled to the Cobb County Civic Center and competed for the last time this season at the Georgia Indoor Percussion Association Championships. During this event, they received a rank of 5th overall in the state. They came a long way from the beginning of their marching season where the show was still incomplete until the recent finals.

In order to improve the show, the group practiced three days after school each week to learn new music and marching drill. Mr. Young continued to push the students to do their best and encouraged each pupil to put forth all their effort for an outstanding show. The hard work from the group paid off and Buford’s Drumline demonstrated to the state of Georgia what it means to be a part of Buford.

To a few of the seniors, this was their last chance to march Drumline in high school. Todd Goehmann, a tenor drummer, was thrilled with the season saying, “As a senior, I couldn’t be more proud of the ensemble and what we’ve accomplished, and in the end, it was everything I could have hoped for.”

BHS Drumline 2019 2
The BHS drumline has a strong 5th-place finish at the state competition. Photo credit: Cathy Moore

For another 12th grade student, Cale Majors, the experience was centered around the family and friends he made during the Drumline season. As advice for future drummers and pit players, he informs them to “work together and be efficient”. Then, when focusing on the bonds created, Cale ends with the instruction to “love each other, [be]cause time goes by faster…when you’re drumming.” This activity brought Cale closer to the people he cares about, and that’s what the show’s motif is all about.

Technology has come a long way in only the past few decades, and the show reflected the progression of communication through the ages. From letters to landlines to facetime, our society has made technology more efficient through innovation. Connection and the strengthening of relationships despite the distance between people were the central ideas for this show. This theme won over the hearts of both the younger and the older audience members.

The Drumline was always in the top rankings no matter which competition they attended. Thank you to the students, Mr. Young, and anyone else who helped this season end as well as it did. The home crowd that watched the Friday night performance on March 29 was thoroughly entertained by the powerful booms, bangs, and rhythms of the instruments. Nothing could’ve delighted the audience more.

Despite the obstacles or hurdles in the way, our local Buford High School Drumline received the 5th place in the state. It’s a true feat to rank so high out of all the other Drumline groups that competed, and the victory is due to the true ambition of every individual in the percussion-oriented organization. No matter what we’re competing in, Buford comes out in leading positions. Together, we can do anything we set our mind to!

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