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February 3, 2020 — Chairman Phillip Beard called the February meeting of the Buford Commission to order at 7 p.m. inside the Commission Chambers at Buford City Hall.  Following the Pledge, the agenda and the January 6, 2020, meeting minutes were approved. The Commission recognized Daren Perkins for his 20 years of service to the citizens of Buford.

The first rezoning request from Oakmont Pacolet Acquisitions, LLC for 31.058 acres located at Gravel Springs and Sunny Hill Road in which they requested a zoning change from C-2 to M-1 was tabled.  Fred Jones requested a zoning change from O-1 to R-100 for .17 acres located at 180 South Alexander Street. The Commission approved the request.  A zoning change request was approved for .21 acres at 336 West Main Street.  The request was made by Herbert Bruce. Revive Land Group requested a zoning change from RA-200 to C-2 for 2.58 acres located on Gravel Springs Road.  The request was tabled. Revive Land Group submitted another zoning change request. This one was for 17.278 acres located on Gravel Springs in which the zoning would change from RA-200 to RM.  This request was also tabled.  

A special use permit was approved for Grace Community Church of Hall County, 4908 Golden Parkway, Suite 500 to allow for a church.  A special use permit to allow for a motorcycle service and repair shop was approved for Wilson Cadle, 803 West Shadburn Avenue.

The Commission approved the Seventh Amendment to “The 1986 UWL, Inc. Special Exception for Sanitary Landfill.”  The landfill waste disposal area will expand.  The overall footprint of the landfill will remain the same. The final plat for Bogan Lakes Subdivision – Phase 3B was approved.  In order to bring the city’s tax codes in line with the county’s and afford Buford citizens the same property tax exemption, the Commission voted to introduce local legislation to provide for an additional homestead exemption (value offset exemption) for city residential property owners.  Residents could have a chance to vote approval of the exemption in either May or November, if approved by the legislature and the bill is signed by the Governor. The Commission voted to award a contract for Construction Management Services for the period 2020-2025 to Charles Black Construction with the city attorney’s approval.  

The Commission voted to renew the 2020-2021 workers compensation policy and the 2020-2021 general liability and property insurance policy.  The City of Buford 2020-2021 theatrical season, concerts and performances at the Buford Community Center was approved. The Commission approved the reappointment of the Buford Housing Authority Board members. Commissioners voted in favor of purchasing 6.176 acres located at Elliott Street and South Street from the Buford Church of God in the amount of $1,000,000 for future government housing as part of a plan to possibly relocate some of the current housing to the new location with new residences.  The revision to pledged funds for the People’s Bank was approved.

Payment #4 was approved for the SR 316 at Harbins Road gas relocation project.  Commissioners approved payment #4 for the Legion Field improvements. Payment #16 was approved for the Buford parking deck project.  Buford City Hall recently had a new roof put on due to hail damage and the first payment for the project was approved.  

Todd Cleveland with the Buford Community Center said that the next play by Theatre Buford will start on February 14.  The play is “The Importance of Being Earnest”. February 17, the ballroom will be re-carpeted.  

City Manager Bryan Kerlin gave his monthly report.  The assembly of the parking deck has been finished but they are waiting on the re-design plans for the pedestrian bridge to be finalized and weather to cooperate to complete the roadway and sidewalk work on the perimeter.  The contracts to purchase filters for the new Buford waterworks has been signed. Waterworks has undergone general maintenance and repairs in the past month.  The new Buford High School project has been closed out, and the final payment to the contractors was approved at the last Board of Education meeting.  The Moreno Street project has applied for a construction grant with a decision expected in the Spring of 2020. LED speed signs are being installed on Sawnee Avenue, Main Street, and South Hill Street.  The City is converting Sawnee and Main Street signs to solar-power. All signs should be in operation in the next 30 days.  Various projects are underway for the gas and electric departments.  Tennis is ongoing for the Parks and Recreation Department. The high school baseball field renovations are complete.  Legion Fields Phase I  renovation is ongoing. Phase II of the Legion Field renovation project will begin after the spring ball season is over.

With no further business from the Commission, City Attorney, and audience, the February Commission meeting was adjourned.  The next Commission meeting will be on March 2, 2020, at 7 p.m. at Buford City Hall.

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