Meet Torin Smith, a senior at Buford High School. Torin was born in Gainesville, Georgia to Paula and Danielle Smith. He and his brother Aidan, age 19, were raised in the Buford area. Torin has been enrolled in the Buford City Schools System since kindergarten. “The schools are really great and it’s a great community to grow up in,” Torin remarks. 

Torin has excelled academically at Buford High School; with 10 AP classes, an unweighted 4.0 GPA, and ranked top in his class, he knows how to juggle the difficult workloads in order to fulfill his future dreams and ambitions. Torin’s favorite subject is Language Arts. “I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing, so naturally I found enjoyment in my literature classes,” Torin explains, “AP Language and Composition has been most interesting to me because I’m able to analyze and understand the motives and techniques that writers use in their pieces, and how it contributes to the meaning as a whole.” 

Throughout his 13 years at Buford, Torin has created meaningful relationships between both staff members and fellow students. BHS AP Language and Composition teacher, Mrs. Amy Lister, reflects on his abilities within the classroom, “Torin is an exceptional student–intellectual, focused, and insightful. He is a gifted writer who is able to convey his ideas with both depth and precision; he was a joy to have in my AP Lang class last year.”

In addition to his outstanding performance within the classroom, Torin also stands out as both an athlete and an active member of the student body. For roughly 10 hours every week, Torin engages in gliding across the ice rink, representing his travel hockey team, The Atlanta Ice Bandits. Within the school, Torin has been in the National Honor Society – 2 years, Key Club – 3 years, and Spanish Club – 3 years. Currently, Torin takes on the responsibility as an officer for the Spanish Club, leading, organizing, and setting up monthly meetings where classmates can rejoice in the Spanish culture. “Being an officer for the Spanish Club has contributed to my organizational and communication skills, as well as my leadership ability,” Torin explains, “Holding this position as an officer has further aided my discovery in my passion for communications, and for that I am grateful.” 

When Torin isn’t playing hockey, leading clubs, or focusing on his studies, he can be found listening to music, creating music, reading books, and spending quality time with his friends and family. He also enjoys playing catch with his dog Winchester, an 11-month-old yellow lab. 

At the mere age of 17, Torin holds wisdom beyond his years. When asked what advice he has for underclassmen at Buford, Torin advises, “Don’t stress out over schoolwork; every little thing isn’t as important as it seems in the moment. Do your best, but don’t stress over the minor things in life.” He continues, “There is more to life than a letter grade, and I think that is one thing many students seem to forget.”

After graduating from BHS in 2021, Torin plans on attending his dream college, The University of Georgia, where he will be able to earn a degree in communications. “I love watching sports and I love writing, so communications is a good blend between the two,” Torin emphasizes, “I have family in PR [Public Relations] for pro sports teams and I find their jobs very intriguing. It’s a very neat field to be in.” 

To help further that career goal, Torin recently applied for the job of an intern for Buford City Schools at the North Gwinnett Voice. Torin said he was excited to accept the position because he knew it was an exceptional opportunity for him to grow as both a person and a writer. Surely, you’ll read numerous pieces of work by him throughout the school year. 

All around, Torin is truly an exemplary student and an unforgettable athlete. Through his devotion within the classroom and the community, Torin demonstrates his ability to succeed and the bright future that lies ahead of him. Undeniably, Torin is a Buford Wolf – hard-working, intelligent, and a leader. Torin is going to do great things in life, and as a Buford Wolf, we will proudly claim him.

The Buford City Schools Student of the Week spotlight is made possible by the City of Buford.

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