June 14, 2021 — Buford Board of Education Chairman Phillip Beard called the June meeting to order at noon at the Buford Arena. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Buford High School student Mohammed Al-Eethawi was recognized for his hard work that led to him receiving the 2021 Exemplary English Learner Award.

The agenda and meeting minutes from the May 17, 2021, meeting were approved by the board.

A revision to the Employee Leaves and Absences policy to allow for paid parental leave of 14 days was approved. This action brings the district’s policy to reflect new laws that went into effect.

The board approved the renewals of FY22 software and services, as well as FY22 infrastructure upgrades and hardware purchases. Chromebooks and other miscellaneous technology items were surplused, although the Chromebooks will be used for parts to make repairs to other Chromebooks.

Pay requests for roof and HVAC repairs at Buford Elementary School and Buford Academy were approved. The board approved an adjustment to the car rider line at Buford Middle School. Books and print shop equipment from BMS were approved for surplus, as well as books and a baseball field mower from BHS.

A list of projected fundraisers for the FY22 school year was approved by the board.

Buford Elementary School Principal Mark Graves spoke on behalf of all of the principals for the Principals’ Reports section. He mentioned that 546 students were enrolled in a summer learning program at BCS. He thanked Dr. Downs and the board for a productive leadership retreat they recently attended. Graves went over the BCS theme for the 2021-2022 school year, which is “Rebuild. Reimagine. Redefine.” 

The board approved the FY22 Career and Technical Education Federal and State Grants Local Plan. Board members also approved the expenditure from the 1st Stop Georgia Teen Driving Academy, which has 52 high school students participating. The CARES Act three budget was approved. The final budget for FY22 was voted on and approved by the board.

Dr. Downs updated the attendees on the CARES Act one and two budgets. Director of Finance Angela Adams went over the new Georgia bill that passed, SB68. The bill pertains to the financial stability of local school systems and the frequency in which the Board of Education meets. Buford already does the majority of the items that the bill calls for. 

An update was provided in regard to the plans for the upcoming school year, which was a direct response to the survey that was sent out to parents shortly before school let out for the summer. Masks for the upcoming school year are optional but not mandatory in the schools. All sporting events may return to normal operations, according to the GHSA.

The July 19, 2021, meeting of the Board of Education will now start at noon at the Buford Arena instead of 7 p.m.

Chairman Beard asked all of the attendees if they had any business that they would like to bring before the Board, but no one spoke up. The meeting was then adjourned.

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