Rocks are all around us, under our feet as we walk outside, in streams and river beds as water flows over them, standing tall and large at Stone Mountain, forming the ancient walls of the Grand Canyon. Rocks have been used as memorials, altars, building materials, and more. And what if these rocks could tell stories?

Jeneen Hammond has asked this question and, taking her thoughts a step further, has created a performance in which rocks come alive to chronicle historical events throughout the Old and New Testaments.

“Rocks that Cry Out,” a one-hour outdoor street theater performance, will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday, May 29, on the Braselton Town Green.

“Everything is from the perspective of the rocks,” Hammond said of the contemporary dramatic performance, which features five cast members. “They are rocks that have come to life and they have something to say about their story.”

Hammond, who is the founder of Clay Creative Academy, a mobile and virtual creative community, developed the idea for “Rocks that Cry Out” during a worship service she attended a few weeks before Easter 2016. The message during the service resonated with her and she found herself combing through her notes to make an excellent play.

“Rocks that Cry Out” is an interactive, family-friendly performance and the event is free to attend. Vendors will also be on hand.

 “I believe that as human being we can forget the value of who we are and one of the things that comes from this perspective of these rocks, they become human beings and it’s the most exciting thing to them,” Hammond said. “That sense of awe and wonder of just being a person, that vitality of life is what they give us as a reminder. 

“Come and experience an expression that’s going to inspire you or allow you to kind of escape some of the monotony of life.”


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