Presenting the 2019 Lanier High School Football Homecoming Court…..

Annabelle Reasons - 9
Freshman Representative – Annabelle Reasons Annabelle was escorted by her parents, Courtney and Mike Reasons.
Elodi Martinez - 9
Freshman Representative – Elodi Martinez Elodi was escorted by her mom, Nicki Martinez and her brother, Andre.
Andrew Graham - 9
Freshman Representative – Andrew Graham Andrew was escorted by his parents, Clairanne and Jack Graham.
Ryan Chang - 9
Freshman Representative – Ryan Chang Ryan was escorted by his brother, Chris Chang Jr. and his step-brother, Christian Ray Wolf.
Bailey Bradford - 10
Sophomore Representative – Bailey Bradford Bailey was escorted by her parents, Olivia and Christian Bradford.
Khalon Carter - 10
Sophomore Representative – Khalon Carter Khalon was escorted by her parents, Octavia and Keith Carter.
Aaron Ramos - 10
Sophomore Representative – Aaron Ramos Aaron was escorted by his parents, Nusheena Ortiz and Manny Ramos.
Ayron Lackey - 10
Sophomore Representative – Ayron Lackey Ayron was escorted by his parents, Annette and Gerald Lackey.
Kashanti Jones - 11
Junior Representative – Kashanti Jones Kashanti was escorted by her sisters, Kezyah Hollimon and Kendrika Jones.
Tessa Nicholls - 11
Junior Representative – Tessa Nicholls Tessa was escorted by her parents, Colleen and Brad Nicholls.
Amari Seaborne - 11
Junior Representative – Amari Seaborne Amari was escorted by his mom, Alexandra Seaborne.
Ford Reasons - 11
Junior Representative – Ford Reasons Ford was escorted by his grandparents, Michael and Jane Cox.
Kaylee Avila - 12
Senior Representative – Kaylee Avila Kaylee was escorted by her parents, Alma Rosa Ledesma and Armando Avila.
Drew Rehak - 12
Senior Representative – Drew Rehak Drew was escorted by her parents, Angie and Ron Rehak.
Sofi Hooks - 12
Senior Representative – Sofi Hooks Sofi was escorted by her parents, Monica and Steven Hooks.
William Fielder - 12
Senior Representative – William Fielder William was escorted by his dad, Matt Fielder.
Phillip Webb - 12
Senior Representative – Phillip Webb Phillip was escorted by his mother, Angela Webb.
Taj Barnes - 12
Senior Representative – Taj Barnes Taj was escorted by his parents, Tamika and Glennis Barnes.
The Lanier High School 2019 Homecoming King and Queen are William Fielder and Sofi Hooks.

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