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Real Photo Postcard Series 187, image number 12: High School with Bell Tower, circa 1915.  Photo courtesy Museum of Buford

The Museum started compiling two separate lists back in 2015 that we should revisit to edit, update, add to, and simply refresh our interest. The first list was titled Buford’s Lost History, which was a spin-off of the History Channel’s programming featuring Brad Metzler. I had originally asked the readers to help me identify artifacts from Buford’s history that are known to exist but may be missing, misplaced, or lost. Unfortunately, very little feedback was provided, so the list consists only of items that we have identified as “lost.”

Our top ten list, actually only eight, may be just the tip of the iceberg of what’s missing once we collectively start compiling. We will create a documentation list of every relic missing that we feel has community significance and the circumstances surrounding its last known whereabouts. Then, when we uncover one of our missing pieces, we will celebrate with a follow-up article and share any additional information if possible. We realize too that sometimes we will need to be discrete when handling certain circumstances. Our effort may identify and finally locate dozens of items in the near future. By highlighting these lost items, hopefully, we as a community can locate many of them. I wanted to bring our current top ten list back to the front burner to rekindle interest and again ask for your submissions. 

What item or artifact that may be misplaced or lost do you think is important to communicating our story? Together we may find them. 

The next bit of housekeeping is the continued development of the Points of Interest in Buford and the Surrounding Area brochure. The Museum has asked the readers to share with others any special locations in our community that make us different from other cities. We have to be mindful that these suggestions need to be public places where visitors are welcomed. We will be including both free sites as well as places to pay to visit. We are trying to provide a more meaningful experience for others visiting Buford, as well as for ourselves. I hope that we each learn of two or three local attractions that we did not know about and can visit and enjoy for the first time. We are currently gathering information from each site that provides marketing material to aid us in creating a piece that is inclusive but has just the right amount of information.

Points of Interest In and Around Buford

• Lake Lanier Islands

• Buford Dam and the surrounding parks

• Mall of Georgia

• Gwinnett Environmental Center

• Overlook at the Quarry

• Tannery Row Artist Colony

• Historic Downtown walking tour

• Woodward Mill Site

• Cherokee Bluffs Park

• Bowman Pirkle Cabin

• Buford Community Center

• Museum of Buford

• Submissions of Yours

My appeal here is for everyone with a suggestion for either category or both, please contact the Museum at 770-945-4559 or email me directly:

— Buford’s Lost History Top Ten List (So Far) —

Buford Advertiser archive photo scrapbooks, donated by Billy Cain, 1997 (We have only two)

• Weldon Gardner’s archive photo scrapbooks bound in hand-carved leather

• R.H. Allen saddle and catalog of product offerings

• Shadburn Brothers saddle

• Totem pole illustrating Buford’s achievements once displayed on Main Street

• Large pantographic photographs: Methodist women in front of the old church, 1920’s by Carnes Studio; employees of Bona Allen (there may be as many as seven different ones — we have four); senior trip photos in front of capital; Georgia Shoe, Flowery Branch 1959 (in front of old building)

• Real photo post card series missing entries for each of these series: 187, 188, 189, “scratched into negatives” — both large/small types, and Fotoshop 

• Aerial views of Buford: Main Street, school campus, football stadiums (both old and new), Buford Dam, Lake Lanier, and surrounding areas

**UPDATE: Our previous number five (Shadburn Brothers large ceramic tile depicting fish from facade of their office building) has been located. There were two of these large tiles, and we now know that both are safe and in private hands here in the area.

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